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2013 was a great year for NFIM being recognized by several organizations in various media articles. In addition to being named the #1 Scenic Marathon in Ontario in 2012, below is the list of recognitions and accolades received in 2013: […]


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Meet Mariann Zorgel and her Mom Mary Fraracci,

At the incredible age of 86, Mary is returning to the Niagara Falls International Marathon for the second time to run the 5km. This is her story…

Mother of three, grandmother of seven, great grandmother of three. She power walks daily, gardens, exercises and eats right. She will power walk the race and may do a little run if she is able to. Last year she walked/ran. Mariann started walking with her mom over 10 years ago to better her health and her mom joined in. Mariann became a runner, but wanted her mom to continue walking. She takes her mom daily to the Seaway Mall to walk in a program that she partnered with where the participants are walking across Canada in the mall. Her mom enjoys keeping her body moving, enjoys their time walking together and the fact that Mariann sets goals for her with time and distance. She loves meeting with the walkers for some social time to share her experiences of life.

We look forward to seeing them both at this years Marathon!


Mary Fraracci



All Runners must register BEFORE October 16th to insure their name is on their race bib.

WEGO Special Bus Service – Blue Line

WEGO Bus transit is available to transport runners to and from the Niagara Falls Convention Centre and the RunFEST Expo at The Niagara Square Shopping Centre. Buses will depart from the Convention Centre on Friday, October 24th starting at 1pm, running every 30 minutes. Buses will leave Niagara Square at quarter after and quarter to the hour. The last bus returning back to the Convention Centre from the Expo on Friday, October 24th will be departing at 6:45pm from Niagara Square.

Transportation will also be available on Saturday, October 25th to transport runners to and from the Niagara Falls Convention Centre and the RunFEST Expo. Buses will depart from the Convention Centre on Saturday, October 25th starting at 9:30am, running every 30 minutes. Buses will leave Niagara Square at quarter after and quarter to the hour. The last bus returning back to the Convention Centre from the Expo on Saturday, October 25th will be departing at 5:15pm from Niagara Square. 

Please refer to the map below for the complete WEGO Bus Route Map.

WEGO Route Map

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Meet James Mietlicki

At 58, James is returning to The Niagara Falls International Marathon in the hopes of setting a new personal best time. 

My second Niagara Falls International Half Marathon is now just weeks away. Being a back of the pack runner, I expect I’ll again be watching those leaders in the Full Marathon passing me around mile 10 as I keep moving along at my steady pace.  Finishing in the bottom third, or quarter on the results list is fairly routine for runners like me and the many out there who are just like me in ability and speed,  but it’s never too late to start running and share in the challenge.

Many runners have been at it for a lifetime, beginning in high school with track, or cross country and continuing on without interruption, but that’s not me at all.  At the age of 58, knowing retirement was just up the road, I realized that I had to do something that would keep me fit and avoid the curse of becoming a couch potato.  I had never run at all up to that point, but my daughter and son-in-law had been running for a few years at the time, so one day I decided to try it.  I was out of breath after running 2 short blocks, but it was a wake up call and I kept at it.  Advancement did not come easily.  After a year I could run about a half mile before being all out.

The following summer, the kids were running in a 5K and I went out with the intention to cheer them on, but purely on a whim I signed up for the race.  The goal?  Simply to finish and hopefully not be the last runner in.  It was as much a walk as a run, which continues to be the case in my races today.  I crossed the finish line in the turtle time of 40 minutes, but was not the last to do so. That year that single race was it for me, but I kept running nonetheless.

The following year I became a bit more active, doing seven 5K races, always finishing in the bottom quarter, but finishing every one and doing better in terms of finishing times.

Last year as the season was beginning in the area, I was looking at doing an 8K race.  Could I actually do an additional 3K?  I wasn’t at all certain, but went for it.  Success!  I finished it.  Great motivation as I began to push distance a bit.  The kids began urging me to think of trying a Half Marathon. “No way,” I said,  but soon I realized that I was able to push to 5 and 6 miles in my running; so maybe it was possible. I began to train toward a Half Marathon for September, but by early June I was doing about 10 miles.  One Sunday morning that month I read an article in the paper about a Half Marathon upcoming for the following Saturday; I would try it.  That Saturday, with some trepidation, I was out there.  By mile 5 I was doubting I could possibly finish it, but I kept pushing along and seemed to get a second wind after mile 7. I finished in the bottom quarter again, but crossed the line in under 3 hours, arms raised in victory.  Hardly a record, but a record for me.  23 races completed that season, including 3 more Half Marathons with my first Niagara Falls International Half as the last.  By the end of the race I was walking more than running, but once again, I crossed that line and got my finishers bling.

This year I’ve run 36 races, including 5 Half Marathons so far. I was on a plateau in terms of times for most of the season until sudden improvement in August, actually cutting more than 2 minutes off of where I’d been until achieving the true mark of a runner…a running related injury.  I’ve been pushing through and continue racing, even if times are a bit disappointing at the moment.  Still in the lower half in most races, but I’ve placed in my age group a couple of times, which is a great result for me. With the Niagara Falls and the Philadelphia Half Marathons upcoming, I’ll have raced in excess of 200 miles in total distance this year.  And I’ve run some 5Ks straight through this year without any walking…the goal I set 2 years ago which seemed elusive for me. Later today I’ll be heading to an award ceremony to pick up my bling for being one of the 42 people who completed a seven race 5K series here locally.

The plan for next year, God willing, is to go for a Full Marathon.  It will take dedication to proper training, and there will be doubts along the way, but I will keep at it and believe I can meet that goal.

When I began to get a bit more involved in running 3 years ago, a lot of people told me I was crazy, that I was too old for this.  A lot of others will wonder why people like myself who are always finishing at the back of the pack keep doing it as we are never going to win a race, but those people just don’t get it.  You are never too old to challenge yourself and winning doesn’t require that you cross the line first and get the trophy, or the medal.  Winning comes in meeting the challenge and trying to do the best you can do every time out.  The only person you are really running against is your former self, and your only competitor is your head telling you that this is too hard, that you should stop, and that you can’t do it.  When you cross the finish line, whether its a local 5K, or the Niagara Falls International Marathon, you are a winner whether you are the first, or last to cross that line.

James Mietlicki  

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Meet Marlene Jones and her story on being a marathon “completer”

My story is that anyone can participate in the joy of running.  Someone has to come last and I am often that person.

I started with a half marathon in 2006 and each year since have averaged three a year. I have simple objectives 1. Cross the finish line. 2. Smile and thank all the support staff on the route 3. Check out the scenery.  4. Enjoy the run.

My biggest challenge with running races is to avoid being removed from the race because I am slow.  I have come close. I love the races that have early start times for us old slow guys.

Some of the races I have come last or near last are: London(England), Lake Taupo (New Zealand), Las Vegas, the Cherry Blossom in Washington, the Falmouth Freezer and the Long John race in Nova Scotia.

Favourite lines people have said to me ” you are a completer not a competitor,”  “you are lapping the folks on the coach”.

I have both Canadian and American grandchildren so from my first race I had an objective to do The Niagara Falls International Marathon the year I turned sixty. I am dusty so this is it. I have not trained like I should. I will surely be at risk of not making the seven hour cut off but I have talked my running buddy into us giving it our best shot. Wish us luck.


Marlene Louise Rippey Jones


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