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CANADIAN RUNNING adds our 2016 medal to list of “most memorable & creative around the world”

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Niagara Helicopters footage-Start of the Half Marathon

Marathon runners battle wind and rain, Niagara Falls Review

Running: New directors tweak Falls marathon, The Buffalo News

A brief history of the Niagara Falls Marathon, Canadian Running Magazine

Follow Rachel from THE WEATHER NETWORK as she runs her first marathon at the Niagara International

Running made a difference for me…and now I’m making a difference for Waypoint

Air Force retiree lacing up sneakers for local Rescue Mission

Jesse Kregal, our first Race Director in 1974 inducted into WNY Running Hall of Fame

Runner’s World Magazine’s description of the Marathon: “Neighborly Vibe” and “Artful Start”


Runner’s World 2-page spread October 2016

Buffalo Trek references the Marathon, “Run a wonder of the natural world”


Buffalo Trek Front Page, August 2016

Buffalo Trek refers to Niagara Falls International Marathon’s “truly unique series of races”


Buffalo Trek, August 2016 – ONLINE version

Runner’s World Magazine online refers to the Marathon as a “Bucket List” item

Runner’s World Magazine online, February 2016

2015 Marathon race review-Watch this video!

Views of running over the Peace Bridge, by Trek and Run

First marathon experience…kind of, sort of, by Trek and Run

7 Emotions that flog your body & mind during a marathon, by Danielle Sawinsky

Niagara Falls Half Marathon highlighted in new book release 12/15, “The Best Half Marathons in the World”

SNAP, Niagara Falls, October 2015

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