Buffalo Architecture Runs

With the official start of our marathon in Buffalo, our Race Directors spend a lot of time in the city and have fallen for it’s unique culture, charm and amazing architecture! A few guided tours later, lots of time on foot and sometimes bikes, they decided to continue to explore Buffalo architecture on the run and share this with others

Stay tuned for more information but here’s what we can share with you so far:

  • The first run will be at the end of April/Beginning of May and every 3-4 weeks afterwards
  • Runs will take place on a weeknight, probably around 7 or 8 p.m.
  • Distance will be between 4 and 7.5 k, with options to bow out early or continue
  • Pace is CASUAL with stops at key sites to “ewwww,” “awwww” and learn something cool
  • Runners and walkers both welcome
  • Runs will take place in and around downtown, Allentown and Elmwood Village
  • For those that are interested in continuing on post-run to a local pub/bar to discuss the “finer things in life”…running, architecture, art etc. etc…please join us!
  • We’ll post more information here and on our social media pages closer to the first “arch run”