iTab Order Information

At Niagara Falls International Marathon Inc., we are proud of our Finisher Medal and want you to feel the same. iTaB is an exciting medal personalization service, which enhances a Finisher Medal with your name and finish time engraved on a small plate that fits neatly into the back of the medal. Your iTaB will be engraved and sent to you approximately 2 weeks after completion of the event. Here is a simple breakdown of the process to order an iTaB:

Step 1. You order an iTaB; this may be selected as an option in the online Race registration form, or via their website at

Step 2. You finish your event and receive your hard earned Finisher Medal.

Step 3. Your iTaB details are confirmed to us; this might be done by the race organizer, or you may do this through your iTaB account.

Step 4. We engrave your iTaB and mail it to you.

Step 5. You receive the iTaB in the mail and stick it to the back of your medal.

Step 6. You relax and celebrate your achievement for years to come! Click Here to commemorate your 2015 run by ordering your personalized Finisher Medal from iTab, or on your registration for $10.00 (includes Shipping.)