Marathon in a Month

This fantastic program WILL return again in 2020! We’ll update this page shortly but in the meantime, please feel free to peruse last year’s information on how the program was run. If you are inclined to join our Facebook community where we engage in running/walking challenges throughout the year, please do so here:

Overview: Run 42.2 km between August 1st and August 31st

Open to: Residents of Niagara Region

Age: Open to 18 years of age & older OR teams of younger/older runners/walkers – e.g. parent + son/daughter

How do I participate?

  • Register by July 31st. Spots are limited
  • Download one of the training plans below or follow your own
  • Submit your mileage between August 31st and September 4th to There is an empty chart on the training plans for you to keep track of your mileage or you can DOWNLOAD THE EXCEL VERSION HERE
  • Follow along on our Facebook group for inspiration!
    • Who is this program meant for:

      • People that want to START a fitness plan
      • People that walk and want to challenge themselves
      • People that have finished our Couch to 5k program & want a bigger challenge
      • People fairly new to running & want a big challenge but not necessarily a race
      • Beginner to Intermediate Runners that have “fallen off the wagon” and need a new source of motivation


      Beginner’s Plan


      Intermediate Plan



      We’ve created a CLOSED Facebook group to provide support, ideas & inspiration during the program. Please join in as you will get the MOST out of this program if you connect with others who are also challenging themselves

      In early September we will have a medal presentation in Niagara Falls. You must either be in attendance or plan to pick up your medal from our office in the Falls. Medals will not be mailed out