Marathon in a Month

***NEW IN 2020*** The Marathon in a Month program will benefit Niagara-based Pathstone Mental Health. This organization works to support young people in our community that face mental health challenges. We are proud of this partnership given the incredible positive impact running can have on our mental well-being

Overview: Run or walk 42.2 km between September 20th and October 20th

Open to: All athletes, runners & walkers

Fee: $42.20 with proceeds going to Pathstone Foundation

How do I participate?

  • ***Registration opens April 1st!***
  • Registration closes September 19th. Spots are limited. Registration link will be provided here shortly
  • Download one of the training plans below or follow your own (links forthcoming)
  • Submit your results October 20th to 23rd. Please note that unlike our 2019 Challenge, you will only need to upload your final mileage (42.2 km or greater). You will not be asked to submit tracking forms this year. Upload link will be provided closer to the end of the Challenge
  • For those that would like to fundraise for Pathstone Foundation you can do so on your registration page on Race Roster
  • If you are planning on using a FITBIT, you MUST upload your weight, height, gender and stride length data into FITBIT before you start in order to accurately track mileage. Also note that in an effort to make an even playing field among all types of athletes, you MUST set aside a specific time for your mileage to count (e.g. Going for a walk outside from 6-7 p.m.). You may NOT use steps accumulated throughout the day to count toward your mileage.

  • VIDEO: How to set your stride length in FITBIT
  • LINK: Changing sex/height/weight in FITBIT
  • Follow along on our Facebook group for inspiration!
  • Medal presentation Saturday, October 24th at Scotiabank Convention Centre as part of Niagara Falls International Marathon expo
  • Option to have medal mailed out to participant
    • NEW***Run your last kilometre with us!

      • Saturday, October 24th
      • Scotiabank Convention Centre, Niagara Falls
      • Run your last kilometre in a festive atmosphere on a treadmill
      • Receive your medal after completing your kilometre

      Who is this program meant for:

      • People that want to start a fitness plan
      • People that want to challenge themselves
      • People that have finished our Couch to 5k program & want a bigger challenge
      • People fairly new to running & want a big challenge but not necessarily a race
      • Beginner to Intermediate Runners that have “fallen off the wagon” and need a new source of motivation


      Beginner’s Plan

      —Coming soon!

      Intermediate Plan

      —Coming soon!


      We’ve created a CLOSED Facebook group to provide support, ideas & inspiration during the program. Please join in as you will get the MOST out of this program if you connect with others who are also challenging themselves. We run casual Challenges through our Facebook page year round

      Questions? people @ niagarafallsmarathon .com

Keep active with us before the Challenge starts!

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The Running-Mental Health Connection

Chart from the Strava “Why we run” survey