Niagara Popup Series


Six different routes, each around 5k with locations in St. Catharines, Lincoln, Niagara Falls & Niagara on the Lake. Runners/walkers have two weeks to run their fastest time on each course & upload results. We reveal only one course at a time with the routes becoming more challenging throughout the three months


St. Catharines, Niagara on the Lake, Niagara Falls, Lincoln, Thorld, Pelham




Runners, walkers, fast, slow, casual, serious…


  • Route #1: October 4th-17th

  • Route #2: October 18th-31st

  • Route #3: November 1st-14th

  • Route #4: November 15th-28th

  • Route #5: November 29th-December 12th

  • Route #6: December 13th-December 26th


Do I run by myself?

YES. You do these courses by yourself or with friends (practice social distancing please!). Of course for the first route, you can sign up for the Run Niagara 5k race on Sat. Oct. 10th or 17th & use those results.

Do I need to register?

YES. The form to register is at the bottom of this webpage

Do I need to do every route to participate

No. You can pick and choose which weeks/routes you’d like to do

How do I track my time?

All routes are available on the FREE RUNGO app or, alternatively we provide a link to upload your results manually with each route

Maps aren’t my thing. What should I do?

Glad you asked. RUNGO has this AMAZING feature where you can listen to a very nice lady tell you where to turn AS YOU’RE RUNNING. Please download the RUNGO app to use this feature

Can I run a route virtually or on my treadmill?

No. There are plenty of virtual races out there to choose from. This challenge is different

How do I enter my time

If you use the RUNGO app to track your mileage, you can upload directly from the app post-run. Alternatively, each route will have a link to upload results manually

Why is my distance not the same as advertised on a route

Most people’s distance will be slightly off with these routes. Plotting routes on a map will render different readings than in the field and course “measurement” is based on following the fastest line possible, which not everyone does on a course. GPS devices may also render slightly different results, depending on reception. Not to worry, we’re sidelining the big prize money for now given the constraints of this Challenge. For your peace of mind, we do test the RUNGO voice guided feature on the routes




  • You only have to register ONCE for any route

  • PDF copy of WAIVER

  • If you are under 18, a parent/legal guardian needs to fill out this form/agree to the waiver on your behalf

  • You will receive a copy of this registration once submitted. Please check your junk box if it does not arrive

  • e.g. JUNE 6, 1986
  • Date Format: YYYY slash MM slash DD
    1. Follow the rules of the road 2. Practice social distancing 3. Please keep headphones at a level where you can still hear others approaching by foot, by bike, car etc.
    Please note this waiver contains new information relating to Coronavirus disease Covid-19. This waiver must be accepted for entry. In registering for any of the POPUP NIAGARA 2020 routes I fully understand and assume the risk of participating on a running course with the public, other participants, strollers, vehicular traffic, that is not policed or supervised and have trained to an appropriate level of fitness to participate in such a physically demanding event. I also state that I understand the risks of transmitting or receiving Covid-19 by participating in this event and agree to take responsible actions to reduce the chances of either transmitting or receiving Covid-19. Such responsible actions include: Not participating should I feel or exhibit any symptoms of Covid-19, Distancing to prevent transmission and; Adhering to the regulations regarding Covd-19 set out by Niagara Region and the Ontario government. I hereby state that I am fit to waive all claims for myself and for anyone acting on my behalf, against any and all sponsors, directors, employees, volunteers of the Niagara Falls International Marathon Inc., The Corporation of the City of St. Catharines, The Town of Lincoln, The Town of Niagara on the Lake, The Corporation of the City of Niagara Falls, and The St. Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation for damages that might result from my participating therein. Participants consent to receiving emails including confirmation of registration and, to use of any photographs, videos, recordings or any record of my participation in this event for any purpose.
  • Confirmation of your registration will be sent to the email address you provide here

Route #2 – The Old Chocolate Race 5.1k

OPEN: Sunday, October 17th to Saturday, October 31st



LOCATION: Malcolmson Eco Park 325 Lakeshore Rd., St. Catharines



  • Upload results only once (duplicate entries will be moved to bottom of Leaderboard)
  • Once you enter the 2nd park (via Melody Trail), pay attention to the quick LEFT turn after the bridge to end up on Cindy Dr.
  • Start/Finish is at the gates at the end of the parking lot

***Make sure you’re getting our emails! people [at] niagarafallsmarathon [dot] com so please check your junkbox if you haven’t received one

Route #1 – The Run Niagara 5k Course


OPEN: Sunday, October 4th to Saturday, October 17th



LOCATION: Locke 1 Welland Canal/Charles Ansell Park at 320 Lakeshore Rd., St. Catharines

NOTES: Out & back route. Start & turn around are marked by purple lines on the paved running path. If you are running on your own, you could always locate the start line, which is by the north end of the boulders across from the parking lot, on the paved path, and run south for 2.5k then turn around & return to where you started

***Emails with results & details of the new route every two weeks come from people [at] niagarafallsmarathon [dot] com so please check your junkbox if you haven’t received one