Our 5k is being made into a VIRTUAL REALITY VIDEO!

Be a part by running the 5k or cheering!

You heard it right! Outside Interactive is coming to shoot our 5k course this October and will make it into a virtual reality video! Film crew ride a segway at the BACK of the pack to capture all the hoopla & excitement of a race before turning it into a video. Here’s why this is AWESOME:

  • The video takes treadmill running to a whole new level as you can run the course “virtually” with an iPAD. Smart treadmills will even be able to take it up a notch as they adjust for elevation as you run!

  • Starting in 2019 you will be able to run our 5k virtually from ANYWHERE in the world!

  • We get to showcase to the WORLD how AWESOME it is to run in Niagara Falls!

Here’s what a virtual reality video looks like:

Two options to be a film “EXTRA” on Sunday Oct.14th

1. RUN IT!




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